Greek Philosophy: Resources

This page presents a linked list of introductory material in academic writing, peer-reviewed encyclopedia articles and starting-points for bibliography in the discipline of ancient Mediterranean philosophy. More resources will be posted in due course.

  • Peter Adamson, History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps [Free, online podcast introducing and surveying each figure and school of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy].
  • Methodological surveys of the discipline of Greek philosophy
    • Michael Frede, "Introduction: The Study of Ancient Philosophy," in Essays in Ancient Philosophy (University of Minnesota Press, 1987). [Overview of the discipline and methods of ancient philosophy. Online access via UBC Library].
    • Julia Annas, "Ancient Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century," in B. Leiter (ed.), The Future for Philosophy (OUP, 2004). [Survey and discussion of the practice of ancient philosophy in the twentieth century with a focus on the Anglo-American, analytical tradition, looking forward to the next century. Online PDF via OUP].
  • David Sedley, The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Philosophy (CUP, 2003).
  • A (very select!) list of Greek philosophical terms.


  • D. Morrison, The Cambridge Companion to Socrates (2011).
  • R. Blondell, The Play of Character in Plato's Dialogues (CUP, 2002). [Online via UBC Library]
  • D. Nails, "Socrates" (SEP).
  • Gareth Matthews, "The Epistemology and Metaphysics of Socrates", in G. Fine (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Plato (OUP, 2008). [Online via UBC Library]
  • Daniel Devereux, "Socratic Ethics and Moral Psychology", in G. Fine (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Plato (OUP, 2008). [Online via UBC Library]


A selection of peer-reviewed encylopedia articles on individual topics in Plato, with references

Plato's Dialogues: Alternative Translations


General resources

  • Algra, Barnes, Mansfeld and Schofield (eds.), The Cambridge History of Hellenistic Philosophy [Online access via UBC]



  • Epicurus (SEP)
  • Lucretius (IEP)
  • James Warren (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Epicureanism (2009).
  • Stuart Gillespie and Philip Hardie, The Cambridge Companion to Lucretius (2007).
  • Life of Epicurus by Diogenes Laertius at
  • Principal Doctrines (kuriai doxai) of Epicurus at


Middle and Neoplatonism

  • Erik Gunderson, The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Rhetoric
  • Marianne McDonald & J. Michael Walton, The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman Theatre (2007)
  • Stephen Salkever, The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Political Thought (2009)

Ancient Medicine

  • R. J. Hankinson, The Cambridge Companion to Galen (2008)

 [NB: "SEP" = Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy; "IEP" = Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy].