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Ideas of Immortality [2017]

William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob's Ladder) (1799)

William Blake, Ladder Uniting Heaven and Earth (Jacob’s Ladder) (1799)

This course will explore ideas of immortal life drawn from diverse philosophical, mythological, and scientific traditions, including ancient Greek, Roman, and Indian thought, religious notions of heaven and rebirth, and modern concepts of individuality, time, and eternity. Different traditions will be studied in each week. No prior experience in philosophy is assumed.

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Ideas of God [2016]

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This course will offer a tour of humanity’s diverse and vivid images of the divine, ranging from ancient Greek thought to modern physics and mathematics. We’ll explore philosophical arguments concerning the existence and nature of God or gods, and the ideas of divinity’s role in human life that have proven most enduring across cultures. The course will also introduce basic concepts from the history of philosophy, philosophy of science, and psychology. No prior experience in these disciplines is assumed.

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