Christian Brady (and Mom)

Christian Brady is clearly unimpressed with the state of preservation at the Roman Forum. He’s a second year student in the MA Classics program at UBC, producing a podcast called Prometheus Unbound on the intersection between the Roman author Lucan and pop culture.


Jason Newton

You might say that Jason Newton is contributing to this blog for the sake of his soul. As a 2013 UBC philosophy graduate he spent the last four years seeking truth. However, this September Jason will begin his law education, an education which risks turning him into a sophist. Jason therefore hopes that his ongoing connection to ancient Greek philosophy will maintain his love of truth and wisdom.



Norman Chalk is currently pursuing a BA in Economics at the University of British Columbia. His contributions to classical philosophy include being available during the summer and owning a computer.


Lisa Tweten

Currently depicted as a grapefruit (because she has refused to send in a bio photo), Lisa Tweten is studying Ancient Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity at UBC. The focus of her research is the Thracian origins of Orphism, as well as Greek and Roman religion from Iron Age to early Christianity. She’s also working on a collaborative project to create a digital database of the archaeological teaching collections at UBC.


Prof. Michael Griffin

Prof. Michael Griffin is a sometime-Socrates-in-a-Basket, classicist, and philo of philosophers at the University of British Columbia. Aside from teaching he is currently working with the Ancient Commentators project at King’s College London under the directorship of Prof. Richard Sorabji as incoming co-editor for the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle series of translations, which celebrated its 100th volume in 2012!