Socratic Principles Applied in Daily Life

Socratic Principles Applied in Daily Life

Throughout my studies this term I have come to understand in greater depth the kind of thinker Socrates was. For one, his ideas on love have helped me connect abstract concepts into a concrete thought. His theory of reincarnation was also interesting and showed me his values on justice, truth and morals. His hierarchy of reincarnation with philosophers on the top was to be expected I cannot deny that there must have been some bias from him. Even so, his ideas have helped be look back on human principles even as I lead my life. Normally, such ideas are far from the forefront of my mind as I go about work, school, and other activities in a busy, bustled life. It leads me to believe that Socrates was a very noble person, at least in the impression he gave to others. Although it is impossible to determine how he was like when he was alive, the writings by Plato depict a philosopher fully committed to his craft. Another aspect that interested me was his method of questioning. He gauges the other persons knowledge through asking questions of the topic and eliminating the answers he believes to be incorrect. It dawned one me that this was similar to the basic scientific formula and amazed me that even in the past he would apply this to knowledge and the natural world to gain his information. This showed me that he was already on the right track to discovering knowledge. Lastly Socrates  taught me that human nature is something variable and unique for each individual. He speaks many times of good and the bad within the human nature. Within these sub groups he speaks of how not everything in itself is good or bad. For example, Mania can be a negative force that consumes your life. However, the flipside is that Mania can be a driving force for success such as a musician who has become crazy for music. Overall, Socrates has let me open up to new ideas and views regarding a broad range of subjects. From morality, to success, and even his opinions on government have all added to how I can formulate my own opinions on the world today.

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  1. scarletnguyen 2 years ago

    HIs idea about reincarnation also captured me too ! I have examined and wrote one essay about this topic ! In my essay, I think that people should believe in reincarnation and we are just playing a role in the circle of life. It doesn’t matter if we are tall, short, chubby or skinny, we will change our appearance and our thoughts through lives. We will play many roles, live many lives and become different people. Death is not the end of life. It’s a way of starting a new circle. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope that you are having such a lovely day ! :)

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